Ham Radio: Old technology gets new respect


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ATLANTA – Seeking reliable backup communication in a crisis, emergency managers are finding new solutions in an old technology: ham radio.

“It’s just another avenue, another opportunity for us to be able to communicate,” said Herb Schraufnagel, public safety captain with Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Emory HealthCare is among a growing number of hospital systems to adopt ham radio. Hospital administrators and government officials took a lesson from Hurricane Katrina, which left some Gulf Coast medical centers isolated from the outside world, as landlines and cell towers failed.

When power, phone and Internet services go down, a battery-powered amateur radio and portable antenna can provide that crucial link to the outside world.

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this is really neat some one is recognizing it. the problem is the aries folks are so wrapped up in their hf and secure text communications, that it seams that they are doing 2 things one putting all their eggs in one basket, and telling young tec's that they aren't special enough to be part of the emergency communications clique. they did a write up on the storm a couple of years back and there was a big to doo about how the ham's locally helped with emergency communications when the internet went down. the internet never went down I had my node plugged into a stand by generator and kept right on talking away. I suppose most folks don't know that just because the power goes out you don't necessarily lose your internet . again that is where a resourceful ham comes in they are kind of like Mac Giver in the sense because they work on their equipment and not just use it they can find quick work around's for problems