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God help me 1402


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Welcome to the insanity.
As you look at options, I suggest
not the exact manuals, but may provide clues http://goldcordmine.com/manuals/Thiokol 1404/
one like you (in more ways than one)
and the sequel


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Hi rick. You got a nice imp. Trade it off for one with a front idler. Is that one early enough to have a liquid cooled engine?


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Fun and games, another Imp to be resurrected. You'll question your sanity many times over, learn new swear words and new ways to spend money, learn how to improvise and fabricate, add new words to your vocabulary such as "unobtainium".

Some pretty fine and knowledable folks lurk around these forums. Steal shamelessly from them when offered. I learn first by asking, then doing. I am only about 8 months into restoring my 1404, still populating my knowledge banks.