Girly movies


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OK, we all have to admit to have seen a few.

I've caught a couple this year that I thought were pretty good.

Burlesque. - Somehow I missed out on hearing Christina Aguilera sing over all the years of her career. She did a lot of singing in this movie and it's what made the movie.

In the movie, girls would lip-sync old burlesque songs but Aguilera's nemesis in the movie (Kristen Bell) unplugged the music when she was on-stage.

Well, she decided to do a little singing. Caught everyone off guard. Video here.
[ame=""]Tough Lover - HD FULL Movie Clip - Burlesque - YouTube[/ame]

The song that's the highlight of the movie IMHO
[ame=""]Bound To You - Christina Aguilera (Burlesque) - YouTube[/ame]

The other movie I caught is Bridesmaids
Kristen Wiig was great but Melissa McCarthy's performance was awesome and it got her an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress.


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I've never seen princess bride. Thought it would be a kids movie or a girly movie. I was in a class this week where we were asked what our favorite movie was. Two guys said princess bride. :eek: Have you seen it and is it worth watching?


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Well if you are talking about the girls movies than i like action either the performer is girl or boy so my favorite movie is "DOA".