Frandee Thiokol History - Eskelson Files


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How about some Juggernauts.


Anyone here tough enough to run that chainsaw sitting on the bridge?

Now this machine is just cool looking, at least I think so. Anyone know if it or any of these Juggernauts still exist?
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I believe this is the last snowcat that Ross Eskelson designed and
L and R Ford F250 Clark Cross Drive 002.jpg
L and R Ford F250 Clark Cross Drive 003.jpg
built. I think it resides in either Washington or Oregon. I am not sure if the photo of the frame is for this unit or not. I believe it has something called the Clark Cross Drive.


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The 4-T10 in the yellowish tint photo just might be this one now in McCall


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Well the easy part is done and posted. This included the electronic files I had. I now have hard copy files that I need to go through and scan. So the remaining will come slowly as I get to it. Stay tuned because there is some other way cool stuff to post. Hope you all are enjoying this history, I sure am. One other thing, many of these photos were what was used in the Eskelson thesis, if you want more information on the units just google it and read away, some very interesting information.


Fascinating to see all these old photos! Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us!

That Frandee Sea Wolf looks like it takes some cues from Tucker machines, and was in turn inspiration for the Thiokol 4T and 600 series.


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Over the snow transportation! Can you discern the years on any of the literature. fantastic to review. thanks for taking time to compile. love the snow poke.

innovation, and YES there is a pipe line contractor near me that has a pair of f-600 juggernauts they are often seen in the wild working in northern Wisconsin. I will go see if they are back in the yard, they are easy to see from the highway.