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Diabetes Peer Support Forum


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Hey Guys,
Member Loudmouth has requested this new Diabetes Peer Support Forum. I wholeheartedly agree this is a great idea.

I hope to see diabetes issues, questions and solutions all discussed here and hope to help those living with diabetes type 1 and type 2.

I was unaware of how diabetes can impact your everyday life until I worked closely with a girl who had type 1 diabetes. She had a hard time controlling her diabetes to the extent that her day to day life was dramatically impacted. Just making it to work was a real challenge more often than not.

I hope this new forum can be a real asset to those with diabetes and to the friends and family of those afflicted with this horrible disease.


Well this is resurecting an old post i know but its pertinant information i have.
Diabetes is insidious, even while in the early stages of prediabetes it can mask many of the symptoms of cardiac failure,
In some instances you may not even feel the chest pain.

When i experienced chest pain the first time and was admitted to the hospital, the chem test indeed showed i had just had a heart attack.
But the ekg and nuclear scan showed damage from an earlier occurance.
This came as a shock to me.
I had switched doctors because of moving to a different part of the state.
And my new dr did extensive blood tests and discovered i have type 2 diabetes.
She explained to me thats why i never felt the first event.
Chem signature can often miss an event unless it is significant.
3 years later i had the 3rd and 4th event and have since been put on a pacemaker and closely monitored med regime.

The important thing here though is diet and excercise.
I can probably get the diabetes out of my life but i can never repair the heart damage.
Its a matter of proportion in the diet and portion size as well.
You dont have to do nut busting cardio or try to lift a mac truck but you do need to walk or jog at least 4 to 5 miles a day aside from your normal routines.
And above all do not hide information from your family or your dr's


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I seem to have developed an aversion to sugar based products. I used to love chocolate, but now I'm abstaining from it. I used to weigh close to 200 pounds and quite a bit of it wasn't muscle. I'm down to 67 kg from 83, kg, but is it possible I'm a borderline diabetic?


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uhmmmm, not a singled internet poster can answer that.
a doctor can do blood tests which will indicate where you are on the "border" to "grave" issue of diabetes.


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An excellent resource to share experiences as well as offering assistance to people living with diabetes.
I don't mean this to be dismissive or flippant. But. My mom was type 1, and injected herself with insulin every day of my life. For the longest time as a child, I thought everyone's mom shot up first thing in the morning.