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Cloud Peak Energy LLC IPO


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This is an interesting IPO that is set to happen this week. It can turn into either an opportunity or a disappointment. I lean toward the opportunity area as the mines are clean coal type mines serviced via Buffet owned/controlled BNSF railroads and already the third largest producer of clean coal in the country.

I am buying and will take it as a long term investment in my grandchildren future as my son is an employee of Cloud Peak Energy, a member of the (MERT) Mine Emergency Rescue Team along with being a certified blaster, 240 ton haul truck driver and qualified drill operator...

We are the third largest producer of coal in the U.S. and in the PRB based on 2008 coal production. We operate some of the safest mines in the industry. According to MSHA data, in 2008 we had the lowest employee all injury incident rate among the five largest U.S. coal producing companies. We operate solely in the PRB, the lowest cost coal producing region of the major coal producing regions in the U.S., and operate two of the five largest coal mines in the region and in the U.S. Our operations include three wholly-owned surface coal mines, two of which are in Wyoming and one in Montana


Another interesting take on this IPO....


Cloud Peak Energy could “quickly become the premium coal company in this country,” Cramer said Monday. The firm will hold its IPO this week, and he urged investors to buy it.
Consider this “a distressed sale by an indebted seller,” Cramer said, as Cloud Peak parent company Rio Tinto [RTP 220.00 -1.75 (-0.79%) ] looks to unload debt. But that’s the best kind of sale, because it means that investors should get the new stock at a great price.


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It appears that it did not gain much interest . Down about 2% :sad: