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as the cat days of summer come to an end, thinking it is time to kick that old cat a couple of times, see if it purrs back to life...

I see Blackfoot tucker is searching for another cat for a LS transplant ..

red squirrel is still seeking out more "three more hours of life left in it machines", never ending trail of ...

and snowy rivers continues to write that epic novel, 6 years, 56 pages, 1659 posts...

so, with all that said, any interest in a northern Utah, southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and or, McCall Idaho, ( know vintage bike really would like to show off the cats again in McCall, ) adventure, say mid Feb to early March

where to go?

which days of the week, works best in feb or march?

how many days?

trail food?

lots of machines to fix on trail?

corporate sponsors?




live stream?


group dinner?


free beer?

on the cheap?

let's see what an event would look like in either, northern Utah, southeastern Idaho, or western Wyoming and get it planned

let's create a event, designed by and for the people that come

post post post your wishes and thoughts!
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Reminding everyone again.


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Blackfoot Tucker

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When BFT sees "Tucker 1644 for sale” a reply of interest is basically an autonomic response. I never got a reply of any kind, and while disappointing, that’s probably a good thing… I (we) have too many projects as it is. And even though it may be my favorite model of the rubber belted Tuckers, 1974 is early in the evolutionary process, and assuming it’s unmodified, would lack many of the upgraded features found in later production 1644’s.

I am very interested in what you are suggesting. I’m pretty sure The Gorilla would be up for it as well.


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morbid curiosity says I'm in. Yet I don't know what I'm in for. But I seem to remember Stanley basin in the upcoming year, is reserved as a must attend. other than that.....