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If you happen to catch it, the show Building Off the Grid (Season 3, Ep. 6) - The White Mountain 7 day build, has some cat footage in it. Just happened across it last night while flipping channels (and that Omaha Orange may as well be bacon). Some company around Anchorage, Ness Rentals (name on the door) was helping get materials to a remote camp on White Mountain. Running a 1644 with cargo framing all around it for hauling gear & materials back country. They are filming it coming up a STEEP pitch and of course it's back & forth between "it's stuck, no he's going again" stuff. But very nice work rig.


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I saw that last night as well. Good looking Tucker.

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I've watched more than a few of those episodes, fun to see some of the "out of the box" ideas instead of the run of the mill.

I just revel in the fact I can do it if I really have to ....... :wink: