Boggie likes our museum
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ps... $12K is insane.

But y'all ... Boggie has a good 601 that I'm sure you could pry from his iron fist...with some sweet talk... (interpretation... ask Karin to sweet talk it away). ;)


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1962 4T10 SN 271

Serial Number=271
Engine Serial Number=6381-C10KB
USAF Registration Number=
Inspected By=RMW
Contract Number=
Shipping Weight=5060
Gross Vehicle Weight=7860
Overall Height=89"
Ship Date=8/31/62

Owner won't budge off of $8500, and he can afford to sit on it until he finds that special someone. :rolleyes:

data plate.jpg



Je Suis Charlie Hebdo
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Serial Number=178
Year of Manufacture=1962
Engine Serial Number=4935-T11KG
USAF Registration Number=61B2760
Inspected By=
Contract Number=40-604-11615
Shipping Weight=5060lb
Gross Vehicle Weight=5060lb
Overall Height=89
Warranty=3 Months
Ship Date=05Jan1962

Found on a ranch near Goldendale, WA. Owner had it sitting in their yard for a few years hoping to eventually repair it. They recovered it from the ranch of a friend where it had sat on a hillside for many years. That owner had acquired it from either a govt agency or utility company. They used it to reach the ranch in the winter and to carry family and friends on ski outings. At some point it broke down enroute and there it sat for many, many years. It's first career was in the service of the USAF. Now it has been delivered into the less than deserving hands of SnoOps. He hopes to gut the power divider setup and install an automatic transmission with an OC12 differential. We shall see...

One down, two more to recover. :biggrin:


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Purchased off Ebay from the terrible Ivan in Greeley, CO. He had repainted "everything" and many problems to start with, but seems to drive OK and has some good things... New tracks, wheels, tires, interior tweeks - I'm optimistic and hope to work on restoring it as we go, then do a real one sometime in the future. Will be used as our transportation to our cabin and haul friends up the mountain for backcountry skiing... and hopefully more as we go along!


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Follow up Information for My 4T10 above...
Now resides in Pitkin, CO Cabin at 10,000 Ft

1962 4T10 Thiokol Trackmaster
Serial #271
Original Engine #6381-C10KB
Capacity 2800 lbs
Registration No. - none
Ins Stamp - RMW
Shipping WT - 5060 lb
Gross Vehicle WT - 7860 lb
Overall Height - 89 in
Width - 93.5 in
Length - 151 in
Warranty - 3 mo
Ship Date - 8-31-62

Has Original Ford Industrial 223 Engine, Borg-Warner T-87 3 speed, Power Divider with Twin Dana Rear Ends


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Model 4t10

Manfactured 1962

Contract 40-604-11615

Ship date 3-8-62


300 6cyl ford c6 ford auto trans oc-15 rear end 601 tracks


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Charlie S.

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Model: 4T4
Serial: 303
Manfactured: 1963
Contract NONE
Ship date 8-21-63


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Glad to see folks still posting their cats here for tracking. Its amazing the history behind whats left out there. My 4t10 has been put on the far back burner, due to the recent acquisition of a DMC 3700! It will be shown here in the next few months. Im planning a van/vw bus body for it.


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:hammer:Here is the beginning of my journey with a 4t-10.


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Here is what it looked like under construction :shifty:


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Kinda off topic here guys but, anyone out there willing to sell the drive sprockets off their machine, I'm interested.

Also, just where is the registration plaque located?


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OK guys, I found my registration tag, it was riveted just over the top of the drivers door, here is what it says as best as I can get it typed on here.

Model No. 4T8W Serial No. 104
No. of Passengers 8
Utah Scientific
Research Foundation
in affiliation with
Utah State University
Logan Utah
Pat. Pending

there you go, I guess mine was originally a 8 passenger, I thought it was a 2 passenger,

Anyway, does anyone have a set of driver sprockets off a machine that they decided not do anything with, I sure could use a set, mine are toast and winter is coming.

Well guys the wording on the tag didn't come out as I layed it out in the post before submitting it.....but it is all on the post
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Thiokol 4T8 N
Serial #262
Year 1962
Engine Ford 223 Inline Six
Three speed manual transmission
Power Divider YES!

Came complete with many dead mice / several pounds of nest
Also came with 1001 questions!

It loaded on tilt bed trailer under it's own power!

Wife and I moving off-grid so this will be regular transportation.
Ten mile trip to where pickup is parked (mid Nov- mid May)+-

Pics to follow


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Dear Loneoutrider:
Welcome to the insanity.
As you dispense with the mice carcass, keep us apprised, with lots of pictures, of your progress. You might consider starting a new thread in the restoration and modification forum, all the while posting specific questions in the repairs and parts.

And remember the snow-cat restoration motto:
No Learning Curve Too Steep, No Pockets Too Deep

Have fun, stay safe.
Here are pics of my 4T8 and the data plate.
Took it for about a 3/4 mile test drive today. Success!


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Hello all! I'm new to the forum. I own a 1963 4T4 Trackmaster in Idaho. Had it for 30 years in the family. Pulled it out of the shop and have begun to refurb it after 20 years of sitting indoors. Need to recondition the rear drive sprockets as the rubber is worn off. Any ideas of where to do that/moulds available, replacement parts etc... Any help would be appreciated. I'll look for the info plate/serial number. I haven't seen one yet. Where are they normally located?