The NEED for SPEED!!


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...and those speedometers are how accurate at anything over 100 mph?

A radar run slip would be believable, not someone's word on what their speedo said. At that speed (or anything near it) you'd be a moron to look down.


They are very close to the speed (+/- a very small % and speaking from first hand). Any person driving that speed will look down since there head is already there. Plus they have speedometers for a reason and it is nice to know when you pass “someone” doing a 170.

[font=&quot]I know in my state it IS impossible to go that fast, not enough room on 90; I know I tried. I know FL during bikeweek (down to Keys) is a good area.

Moron is how you would call this action; each to his own. I coul call a moron a person that goes to work for 30 years and does not get a promotion or betters himself. Or a person that drives slow looking at the birds and tress. Or a person that goes into a bar everyone and goes home alone. Or a person that drains there oil every 3K miles. See the point.

There are places to go fast you just need to use your judgement. Do I like going that fast, no but it is NICE to know that I have the [/font][font=&quot]capability [/font][font=&quot]to do so if I need too.

I still think the guy is BWing out his ass. I know racers and normal people with BUSA's and been indepth to them since there inception (since I am buying one this year for its re-design). 208 stock is total BS and will tell anyone that. That is like me saying my BX22 does 15 MPH stock and 25 chipped....BONG!

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