Racism is getting out of control :(


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SAD SO MUCH-RACISM IS PLAYING OUT ** First, I played sports my entire life, so my “MANY” black friends are like brothers to me! And yes they know my feelings, Kay even agree & we all remain close friends today! But #1. Too many black people now cry Racism whenever they are in a BIND. Sure forget that you were late, unreliable, did a crap job, acted violent towards others or posed threats; white people are FIRED for this stuff all the time, so yes DEAL with it like everyone else. #2. Keep fighting with your significant other & watch how misserable you’ll be & how it will “drag out” even longer! The more “crying pouting & blaming” continues, NOTHING will truly improve & in fact it might become WORSE, as everyone will become ore sensitive and defensive! None of us today, 50 and under lived through the 1800’s and 1960s as adults. Don’t blame ANY of us for “THAT” period in time! I know thousands of people, literally & I know maybe 3-4 that just don’t like different races & keeping it real, I know several blacks who don’t like white people or any others. ENOUGH ALREADY! Stop giving others a REASON for disliking the image they are so use to “seeing” in person & on tv! ie. ***Nightly fricken murders, constant use of the NWord, butt cracks showing, violence in music etc. Show respect & EARN someone’s respect is usually how the world works, irregardless of skin color. All excuses for these things should be thrown out the door, no one cares. Either the Nword hurts & must disappear OR you deal with it LIVING ONWARD - Some blacks alone give the word LIFE (hello)! We humans repeat wheat we hear. And How many people would flip if white people murdered even HALF as many as black people have killed whites this past year??? Finally #3. The left wants to JUSTIFY or glance over the hundreds or thousands that “inner city residents” have now killed this year, just to distract us all. But yes many DESPISE THIS BECAUSE they may teach & luv their inner city kids & they “DONT WANT TO SEE THEM BECOME A STATISTIC / DIE” just walking home & scared to death some loser may Attack them - It’s totally inexcusable, let’s not even discuss how many black men have murdered white femmes the past 12 months. I knew more great kids from a tough inner city neighborhood & sadly only 5 POOR KIDS on each street were the true Garbage. Others just as poor were sweet, fun, nice, polite, intelligent & appreciated going to class or having a summer job. The excuses are endless for some of the population, so when is enough enough! It’s not racism to not give black kids easier grading, it’s actually Racism to think so little of blacks ability! They “can and are” equally as smart as anyone else, but Parenting is what needs to be addressed & LIFE SKILLS. Stop protecting the ones who make poor decisions & make others look bad. My black friends are fantastic in my mind & just as THEY are NOT the problem, neither are my many white friends. I’m even more annoyed that I never even needed to call them Black, until Obama & this current “Pathetic Administration” failed so completely! Biden Pelosi & for certain KAMALA are ALL childish hacks who NEVER acted in our best interests, they were “out performed” in every way by a man with no prior political experience & their only agenda & priority has been about getting even & NOT HELPING AMERICANS on American soil. Childishly reversing the fantastic progress we made under the former… - Grant it, Trump has some bad moments, but don’t “vote-In” who would be your best buddy - News flash, just get the job done for AMERICA & that’s how you will be judged & SUCCEED as a President. BIDENS been an embarrassment which is pretty sad. Fingers crossed for positive change.


Racism has always been a part of American life. Thankfully, the numerous civil rights laws have prevented to a great degree the racists from discriminating against racial minorities. Even private industry has joined the campaign, as Facebook, UTube and Twitter have closed the accounts of White Nationalists, Nazis and KKK. The website called "Jewwatch" has been shut down, too.
The only bigots that still have their own forum are on Stormfront. It is heavily moderated, so non racists never get the chance to debunk their racist and antisemitic lies. I have tried and tried and it is futile.
I am very familiar with antisemitic nonsense, so I can give you some advice. The organizations called Institute For Historical Review and CODOH are Holocaust deniers and habitual liars. Don't take them seriously. If you have any questions on racism and antisemitism, just ask me. I will get a good answer for you.