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Most Embarrassing Moment

When I was in high school I spent my summer vacations deckhanding on fishing boats. The town we were fishing out of was very touristy during the season & there were always a ton of people at the docks checking out the harbor and the activity.

One afternoon after we'd come back in I was walking back to the boat I was employed on that year. I looked up on the street and beheld a vision. A smoking hot girl, about my age, leaning on the railing & checking things out. She was scantily clad for the summer, and absolutely breathtaking. And hot. Did I mention breathtaking? And hot?

As I was openly staring at her, we made eye contact. So obviously, I flashed her The Killer Smile™. And she... smiled back! Victory! It was thrilling! So there I was, smiling at her smiling at me, walking down the dock smiling at her smiling at me, and I walked right off the dock and into the harbor.

When I fished myself out of the drink, she was gone. Tragically, I know exactly what happened. When she saw me take the plunge, she laughed. She laughed and laughed and laughed. She laughed so hard and uncontrollably that she couldn't stop or catch her breath, and she asphyxiated and she died.

I killed that poor girl, and I feel really bad about it.

In the words of Admiral Pike to James T. Kirk: I dare you to do better.