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401C loader John Deere no forward gear


New member
my loader will go in reverse with and run no problem also all the hydraulic are working , check the forward and reverse linkage and is working properly check the fluid hydraulic pressure ad the reverser valve and normal ad 130 lbs.
I'm working on this loader for a few weeks and I can tell what is wrong. I split the tractor to check on the oil lines inside the transmission , all the lines were in the right place. I also check on the reverser brake ,no burning clutch there, then I pull out the reverser forward clutch assembly and change the separator plate and clutch disk just to be sure. the separator plates have a slight "wavy" configuration ,when I put then back I didn't remember witch way the were facing so I install then looking forward. Don't know if that will make a differences .I put everything back and still no luck. It does the same all hydraulic and reverse working but no forward gear. Can someone help. Thank you