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They said to ask for you. Im getting a bunch of notifications in my email. I clicked 2 places to stop them but they keep coming up. Can you help?

I checked your preferences and you have indeed turned off email notifications. Forward the next couple you get to doc and then I can see where they are coming from.
Hi. Welcome to the world of snow cats. I see your in Helena. Me too. There’s several others here from Montana too. Good luck with the Kristi’s. Do you only have the one? I might be able to hook you up with another. I’ll check on it in the next week or so if you want. It had a “bad” transmission. Bart
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Hi, Bart. I have a Kristi KT3 that is a reliable runner. I put about 30 hours on it this winter, including on Canyon Ferry Reservoir in Feb.

The KT2A is a long term resto project. Will have to get good at fiberglass fabrication for sure, since that would seem to be a place to start.

Let me know of others that might be out there. It’s a sickness that knows no cure.
Hi there. Do you have any St4 tires left ? I mean the Trelleborg ? In that case what is the price ? // Robert, Sweden
Interesting article. The author, Mike Lofgren, was a career congressional aide for the Republican party for 28+ yrs. He retired in June 2011.

His articles can be found here. Goodbye to All That is the title of the first article he wrote after retirement and is worth the time to read, imho. His book is on my Christmas wish list The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted.
good luck trying to locate a track. I have been searching high and low for a track for my sv252 and I pretty much gave up. Thanks to a member here he gave me a track, just had to pay for shipping from canada. Hopefully you faster luck than I have.
Hello Jim, my name is Dave Ross you have seen my user name as 1 bigguy. I live in the Plain area over by Leavenworth area, for many years known of a st4 in one of out cannerys in Alaska, after joining this form i never thought about buying it. It looks like next summer i will ship in down to Seattle on one of our ships. It would great to talk with you about a fare price for this unit. My cell number is 206 331-0671. Thanks for any help you can give me. Dave
I am happy to say I have found a Thiokol spryte. And when I can figure out how to post a picture I will. I am also going to start at the diff .. Both the drop boxes are broken on the oc12 ,and I will be looking for a couple of of good used ones.And I will need a repair manual,,can I download one from somewhear,,Help.
That sounds like a plan!
Some time you will have to tell me what your state is like where you are now. I guess I can't imagine living anywhere but here, but that's just me :smile:
had a great time, spent a few days out on my cusins boat fishing (Bass and Northern)same lure.... who would have thought:whistling: i tryed to paste a pic in this message but for some reason it only wants a link?:unsure: any way thanks for asking,always good to see the family and relations especialy over the fourth of July:clap:

next time i'm up there i'll buy you a beer.:beer: