Your word, what is it worth?


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When I tell someone I'm going to do something with them/for them, I do it.
I'll run over and kill anyone or anything that stands in my way.
If I tell you I'll be there at 8:00, I'm there at 7:45 hoping you didn't show up at 7:30 and you've been waiting 15 minutes for me.

I plan ahead. I make massive room for contingencies such as bad traffic, or weather.
Sometimes I'll plan way ahead and allow for the end of the world, having to hitchhike or get a tow if needed, but I'll still be there.

If all the things in the world that can possibly go wrong go wrong, you'll be the first person to know.
While they're scraping me up off the pavement with a putty knife, I'll be begging for someone to call you, so you know I'm going to be late and you won't be inconvenienced.

I'll value your time as much as my own.

I'll never tell you I want to, or am going to do something if I have zero desire or intention to do so, I'll just be honest and say forget it.

If I tell you I'll pay you a hundred bucks to do something, you do it, and do a good job, I might just pay you $150. I'll never ask you to take less than we agreed upon, or ask you to wait for your money once the job is done.

If you ask for $100 for the item you're selling, and I think it's worth it, I'll give you a hundred bucks, because I respect that, I won't try to make you feel like crap about your thing and offer you $25, just so I can feel like I got away with something.

Somehow there's something in my makeup that wants people to say, God dammit, if Joe said he's gonna do it, you can bet a million bucks he will.
No fucking around!

I'll forgo any temptation or more lucrative offer that might try to sway me from my promise to you.

I never lie, and will tell the truth no matter how much it hurts.
When I fuck up, I'll admit it.
I won't blame it on you, the next guy, or someone else.
I'll admit it.

Am I the last person on the planet who operates under these principles?
If not, it sure fucking feels like it.


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To answer the questions of the OP,,,,;

To my banker my word means nothing anymore. It used to. But times have changed.

However, to me, myself and I,,,; it means everything.

Good post Joe:thumb::thumb::thumb:


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Sounds to me like you're a good joe, Joe.
Yes, it's a rarity.. the type of person you are, but there are men out there just like you.
I know because I raised two of them.


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To answer the questions of the OP,,,,;

To my banker my word means nothing anymore. It used to. But times have changed.

However, to me, myself and I,,,; it means everything.

Yes it does.

Lie to me, try to mislead or deceive me and it's the end of any relationship that we had or will ever have. Relationships are built on trust.

By the way, my banker thinks that my word is still pretty good … I think? I've known him since he was a high school kid. If I have any complaints, I'll tell his mother and she'll clip his ear. There's no escaping the wrath of mom, no matter how old you are.


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A handshake, from me, over something is gospel. I expect the same in return.

I shook hands with a youg fella 8 years ago. Standing on the tarmac as his corporate jet spin up it's engines, I promised to do his work properly, respectful to our strategic partners in the deal, and deliver quality on time without fail. At the time it was worth about $600.00 a month in sales to his 500 million dollar chicken processing plant.

We had no written contract.
A handshake was enough for me, and for him.
I have not spoken to the man in all of those 8 years. Didn't have to. we had a deal.


Last year sales reached almost one half a million bucks. More than half our annual sales. One of the strategic partners tried to cut us out. When he found out all hell broke loose. Despite the added cost of using us over the Printer, the CEO insisted we are still his sole packaging vendor.

Yes, there are some people to whom being honorable has no price. I'm proud to call Charles my friend.