Your Government is watching you...


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There are 6 pages to this news article, so you will need to read it yourself before commenting. It concerns the Patriot Act and the governments use or mis use of the powers that it has been given. Read more here....


I didn't even read the article you "listed".

"Patriot Act" read in your past was enough to comment.

Honestly, think it's being abused to an extent.

Don't use drugs, gave up drinking 9 years ago alchohol (sp?) is a drug as well by the way.

Meth labs have been hit with the "Patriot Act" in this area. DA'ss aying that combustable (sp?) material used in meth labs "constitutes" "bombs" and going after the meth lab owners as "terroroists".

I don't condone Meth, don't use it, and these people should be behind bars.

But... I reload, have gunpowder in the house and...technically (sp?) if they can go after meth lab builders for "explosive devises", if need be, could come after me.

I honestly think that the "intent" of the act is for the "good".

Sort of like 911. Somthing happens to people and they think they should have "restitution" made to them. Lawsuits galore. Abuse.

Makes me wonder if I'm really a republican.


I don't like politics, so I try to stay out of any debates. But this Patriot Act makes me think of something Abraham Lincoln said so long ago:

Those who are ready to sacrifice freedom for security ultimately will lose both.

Today, those words couldn't be more true. With everything that has gone on since 9/11, they continually find ways to add more "security".