Your car is not a snowmobile,


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Seen on today.

Your car is not a snowmobile,' crews rescue driver stuck on snowmobile trail​

by Adam Forgie, KUTV
Saturday, April 3rd 2021
Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews rescue driver stuck on snowmobile trail on Fri., April 2, 2021. (Wasatch County Search & Rescue)
Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews rescue driver stuck on snowmobile trail on Fri., April 2, 2021. (Wasatch County Search & Rescue)
Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews rescue driver stuck on snowmobile trail on Fri., April 2, 2021. (Wasatch County Search & Rescue)

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Wasatch County Search & Rescue crews rescue driver stuck on snowmobile trail on Fri., April 2, 2021. (Wasatch County Search & Rescue)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Wasatch County, Utah search and rescue crews are issuing a warning that may seem obvious to most: "Your car is not a snowmobile." One driver Friday had to learn that lesson the hard way.
At 5:09 p.m., crews with Wasatch County Search & Rescue responded to a call of a driver stranded in his car on a snowmobile trail over Wolf Creek Pass.
Some snowmobilers on the trail discovered the driver sitting inside of the stuck vehicle and they alerted emergency crews.
It took those crews three-and-a-half hours to evacuate the driver safely to the Duchesne side of the pass.

In a Facebook post, Wasatch County Search & Rescue explained the story, then offered a few nuggets of wisdom:
Search and rescue (SAR) can not help tow your car out of the snow."
Most roads like this do not have cell coverage for emergencies."
Your car will not go over snow like a snowmobile."
Your car is not a snowmobile."
You can see photos shared by search and rescue crews in our gallery above.

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I noticed this happen at the Michigan Clowder this year as well. At the base of Copper Peak parking area, a black 4X4 truck and a woman were
stuck just past the point of were the parking lot ended. I am not sure how long she had been stranded in her truck there. Apparently she saw our tracks while we were gone trail riding, and assumed her truck could fallow all those tracks from the snow cats lol... Wrong.... :pat:

Regards, Kirk


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Like others, we have also been searching for some road and it was hard to define the difference between sled trail and the road. Fresh snow seen on both of them.

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As a side note my Dad got his first 4X4 3/4 ton pickup in 1970. It was a wet spring and as soon as the snow was gone one Sunday after noon my Dad decided we should try it out. Of course he knew a spot that would likely be wet. We dove in head first, and in about 30 ft we were up to the running boards, and that truck sat kind of high any way.... We had a 3/4 mile walk to the tractor shed, and a log chain. Still remember that day. Lol my Dad is here now for Easter Family dinner.. I will have to remind him.
Point is we all have to learn. Some times it can be embarrassing to do so! :)

Regards, Kirk

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And so many of the Automobile ads on the tube continue to show people skimming through the snow in their "SUV" totally carefree and happy as a clam.

Just twist the knob on the console to SNOW and all is perfectly fine.

These spawnlings have zero idea what it takes to navigate snow/ice

Even a well equipped 4x4 with badazz tires, chained up and all the goodies known to the offroad enthusiasts is hard pressed to get through serious snow.....let alone a passenger SUV....likely with street tires.


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And so many of the Automobile ads on the tube continue to show people skimming through the snow in their "SUV" totally carefree and happy as a clam.
^^^ This! Some evil soulless lawyer needs to sue those auto companies for misrepresenting the capabilities of their vehicles to these gullible "spawnlings".

Snowy Rivers

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The attitude and understanding by far too many has saturated society

Tell ya a tale that fits this subject to a T
Back a few years when we had the shop in town we had a mid winter snow....and even in town it pilled up pretty quick.

We head home after closing, stopped at the grocery store.
I took the time in the parking lot to twist the hubs in on the 1991 Burb.. 4x4

We head up the Mt.
We get to a nasty switchback called "Hooches corner" (Back during prohibition an old fart had a still in a little barn just off the road....Barn still there too)
The corner has a really heavy super and is a 10% upgrade too.

Cars all over the place, in the ditch and just a mess.

We got a break in the action and decided to get around the corner....."Pitching and gassing" the old Burb hard to keep her up on the super and around we go.

Get up on the grade and there is a little SUV sitting precariously close to the bank and the skid marks show that it had come down grade....lost it...swapped ends and landed in the berm at the roads edge.

Driver is hanging onto the wheel for dear life and staring straight ehead.

I decide to park and see if the guy is OK
I approach the rig and tap on the window.....dude is still staring straight ahead...

Pounding on the window finally got his attention.

He rolls down the window and I ask him "Are you OK/HURT ???"
Fella responds..."I don't understand....I have traction control and antilock brakes"

I laughed and explained...."Son...when the friction between your tires and the road go away..AND ma gravity finds your AZZ your done.

Fella comments...."My other car would not have done this....I could have pressed TURBO BOOST and been fine"

DAMNED VIDEO GAMER......Needs to get a grip on the real world.

These people have no clue ....none at all.

And they are loose out there on the highway......

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Snowy Rivers

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This stuff all came about with the advent of the computer games and kids not learning to play using cardboard boxes, sticks and such.
The little kids today can run a smart phone...when I was that age we sat in the yard and ate dirt....and had ant races.

Children are not taught the stuff reality is made of....The virtual world is great....but it is not reality.

And yess..they breed....and not always in the proper places either..... :lmao:


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I took a deck of old playing cards, clothes pinned them onto my bicycle frame so that they hit the spokes and did strafing runs with my friends up and down my street.

It worked. We were never attacked.

Snowy Rivers

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My folks picked up a huge box of old cards that had various casino's names on them at an auction.
My buddies and I were set for those "Strafing runs" for a long time....In fact I think we sold the last decks of those cards at a garage sale not all that many years ago.

And we had a blast.

We made forts and trails in the woods to "The lost world"
Dads old 1941 Desoto sedan became our space ship to navigate to all points of the galaxy.....
When the snow came we built an Igloo of sorts....and had snowball fights of epic proportion.
The upper 20 acres had a long steep grade and we made a sled run.
At the end of the day we watched Bonanza on TV or maybe Maverick, Wagon Train or Gawd knows what..

Next day...Repeat.....
We thought it would never end......

Don't get me wrong....I love the electronic gadgetry and the cool stuff we can do with it.....

All of the wonderful folks I have met on the various forums....some in person is just great......

But never have been into the world of the gamers......

Reality has to be an anchor point.......

Far too many people do not have the ability to grasp what is COLD HARD FACT and separate it from the anything goes virtual world...

Ahhhh yess


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We didn't need phones to know when to come home either. Street lights on, get home.
Watching Bonanza, Batman etc on a black and white TV the size of a refrigerator. Sigh.....


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We didn't need phones to know when to come home either. Street lights on, get home.
Watching Bonanza, Batman etc on a black and white TV the size of a refrigerator. Sigh.....
What this "street lights" you speak of? :)

When the unwashed come to the rural it can get comical. Or sad. When I was in charge of a Fire Station a few years ago, I got screamed at by a gent that we went to on a medical call. According to him we should have been there in 3 minutes. When I tried to politely explain we are a all volunteer station, and we had to leave home, get to the station and drive to his cabin 4 miles away it fell on deaf ears. He had a real meltdown when he found out the ambulance was an additional 40 minutes behind us..... "I'm a city councilman for (redacted) and this isn't acceptable. I then suggested he go back to (redacted) and not set foot in the canyon again. I had a complaint lodged against me..... The Fire Chiefs comment was " don't suggest he stuff his cabin in his anus if you see him again".

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Jefferson Notch Road in Jefferson NH as well as the Carrol Side regularly end up with vehicles on the snowmobile trail because the gates are open and it is a road in the summer. There are big signs on each end warning them and laying out the expensive tow out fee from the club. They follow their gps and cruise the well packed and groomed trail as if they are on roads until they are not.

After that the groomer has to spend half a day fuel wear and tear to get them out. Until that happens each snowmobile that goes by stops takes a picture and asks WTF were you thinking?

One this year was a car and was lit on fire as a result of drug mule with bad directions. Destroy the evidence!

Snowy Rivers

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The road that we use to get up here to the ranch (I spoke of it earlier...and Hooches corner) has a nasty heavily supered double back.

The road will cut miles off of a run from Newberg to Hillsboro as compared to taking the main highway.....
Certain companies have drivers that are not from this side of the pond and some barely understand English let alone much else.

Now Hooches corner can be navigated by some big rigs ****(The rig pictured would go around it just fine....but the fact that it is hinged as it is makes it doable) ****
BUT 53' Semi's with a long tractor/w damned way.....

Now......along comes a clown with a 53' semi and tries to navigate Hooches corner.

The trailer is stacked to the roof with cargo......

The driver did not stick the trailer in the ditch on the right side coming down to buy him every last possible inch to swing that behemoth around the corner.

On the left side is a big bar pit.....that water runs through from a winter creek.
The pit is about 8 feet deep from the shoulder of the road.

So the clown tries to compensate by grabbing all the shoulder on the right with the tractor at the last second.

Trailer was already precariously close to the upper bank of the bar pit when the hapless driver realized he was in way over his head.

The bank broke loose and the trailer toppled over the edge.
The truck did not break loose at the 5th wheel but instead the leverage raised the truck up and twisted the frame until it snapped in half.

The entire mess is laying across the road blocking all travel FOR 3 FULL DAYS.....Took 3 big azz tow trucks with winches and a crane to get that mess out of there.

So....the great wisdom of the county transportation dept.....PUT UP SIGNS ALL OVER THE AREA.

A week later another idiot capsized a semi in the same spot.....They can't read.....

And these idiot have been given CDL license to drive huge rigs

The one rig that was destroyed was BRAND's first haul.

Somebody was not happy.

Also somebodies career as a driver likely ended quickly...

And the idiots still try to get rigs around that corner and get into trouble.....

YESSSS..They all go by GPS....... common sense and paying attention to signs....NOPE


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