Yamaha Viking 2016 440 hours


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Getting an ATV for the ranch.
Need 4w drive and a dump load bin.

Side by side
Looking at this model tomorrow about noon
Anyone have reviews a or advice???
The Guy is asking $10,900.
Like this one



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yamaha is a good choice. I have 40 acres and do chores. I have owned Yamaha,argo.jd.polarus and now went back to the Viking. a lot less repairs. I have about 200 miles on a new 2019 now. hauling heavy loads like the over weight kind the springs sink .some type of overload spring would be good on mine. the springs are soft for a good ride . but then I put 800lbs in it .
I gave 12 thousand for mine at a dealer new 8 months ago. it is the ranch model with power steering that I had to have.
I notice a rusty muffler ,mine never gets hot enough to damage the protective coating.
Yamaha Viking owners on facebook may help on pricing.
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