Working with glass bottles (Arts and crafts?)


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There really doesn't seem a proper titled forum for this, so I guess I'll put it here.

I'm currently in the midst of a building project using EF block.
Every 1 foot on center vertically or horizontally, there is a 5 1/2' square of nothing but foam.

My idea is to imbed some of these Skyy bottles in the wall.
They won't produce a whole lot of light, but they will add a nice touch, especially in the kitchen where the theme will have a strong blue factor.

Ideas are almost endless...
The pic shows a block just stuffed into a carved out hole of some scrap block just to see.

So here's some things I'm looking at, a few ideas, and I'd greatly appreciate any of your ideas and suggestions.

First off, I think more light can be obtained.
Secondly, and most important, I don't want a bunch of bottle necks and caps protruding from the outside wall, so this means the bottles will have to be cut.
(There's quite a few yootoobs on this, but I'm not convinced yet which method will be best)

The third concern is that I don't want to have an open bottle end on the outside wall for bugs, bees, spiders, birds or other critters to make a home in.

One factor of these bottles since their design change is that the sides are no longer smooth.
They have a long vertical indent running down both sides to act as a handle.
It doesn't go all the way from top to bottom, but just about any form of bottle cutting I've seen wouldn't work because of this indent.
But, there's enough smooth glass at the top and bottom for a cut.

From working with glass block, I've found they work best if their surrounding inside area is white.

Would this same concept work with blue glass?

One idea is to cut the top of the bottle off and cap it with a flat round piece of glass, either epoxied or glued in place with silicone.
Obviously, the flat glass would be to the outside.
Maybe removing the end of the bottle would let more light in?

Another idea is to cut the just bottoms off the bottles and affix them to either end of a white PVC tube, and mount that whole thing in the wall.

Another idea that comes to mind is if going with the PVC tube, I could drill out and mount some LED's or something in them to illuminate them at night if I wanted.

So any thoughts or experiences out there working with glass bottles and things like this?


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