Woodworking - Nixon's new dovetail saw


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My MS 390 is stock and it'll blow your ported and turbo'ed Huskatailwagger in the weeds wanna run'em??:yum::yum:

Your going to have to drive a few hours though....:whistling::yum::yum:

Regards, Kirk

Been thinking about this Kirk . Tell You what I'm gonna do ...I'll let You pick one of My saws to run . Your choices are .... 372 XP , 390 xp .
You have to run them on SEF 94 40-1 fuel ,or the deals off . I'll pay for shipping out there , You pay return . Bet You'll sing the praises of turbo'ed Huskatailwaggers :yum: I'll even include 7 and 8 pin sprockets and full and semi chisel chains for your enjoyment .


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Now you're the brave man Nixon. What makes you think he'll send it back? :wink: