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Women might be required to register for a military draft like men are?


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Don’t know about this. On the one hand there is equality and all that but at the same time, shouldn’t women be protected do their ability to give birth and not being as suited to combat as men? Would a real man really let his daughter be drafted into a war?

Josh Hawley and other conservatives are strongly against it

“I’m in favor of keeping the Selective Service, but I’m not in favor of forcing women to fight against their will,” Hawley said. “I do think there’s something about when it comes to national service ... If you’re an able-bodied young man ... you should be willing to take up arms and fight for this country.”

“Our country is extremely grateful for the brave women who have volunteered to serve our country with and alongside our fighting forces,” he said. “But volunteering for military service is not the same as being forced into it, and no women should be compelled to do so.”

“It is wrong to force our daughters, mothers, wives, and sisters to fight our wars,” Mr. Hawley said in a statement.


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There's been a lot of debate about having women on the front lines with it possibly affecting fighting men's ability to fight while naturally wanting to protect the woman. Not saying women wouldn't be good fighters but this instinct is part of men's genetics.


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Interesting that the feminists haven't argued in favor of drafting women. Hey, they demand that women have equal rights, right?
If women do have to be drafted they should have positions in places other than combat zones....doctors, nurses, desk jobs, supply jobs, communications, etc.


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Since there is no draft the point is rather mute. But, seems to be a good idea for both men and women to register just in case shit hits the fan and draft is fired up again. There are more support positions that are key to the combat troops so plenty of place for women to serve. If we said no women in combat that would be argued by feminists so if I were in charge I'd say no women would be put in combat roles unless they requested it. If they wanna fight up front more power to them. Why say no? it would be tough on some of the mens mindset but anything can be learned or unlearned for that type of situation. I believe it could work.


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There are some very able-bodied and capable females out there. There are some very effeminate males who are not so able-bodied out there. I think men who are on the front line would choose the able-bodied female to fight beside them rather than the effeminate male who is not so able-bodied.

That's just my female perspective.


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I find little issue with the concept of keeping the women behind the lines. Not because they cannot fight, but because they are, quite frankly, the fiercest of fighters. And at the same time the source of our progeny. When the men lose the battle and retreat, it will be the women who save the day,,,, every time.

Put another way, the males are expendable, the women are not. They are the sacred challises of the future. So cut the shit girls and be what you were born to. Die on the battle field if you wish. It deosn't make you a hero, it makes you irresponsible.


Hope they are not too cute so I can keep my mind occupied on the business of war.
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part of me agrees that if women so badly want to be equal to men, they should take all the same risks. But that presumption is based on a false premise.
Women and men are not the same, we are not interchangeable and the two sexes are not, point to point,,,; equal.

Therefore, I stand on the concept that women should not be barred from the military, but at the same time, our nation should never force then to go to war.