When did all women become "working girls"?


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We all see it and deal with it on the regular. "Do you have CashApp or Venmo?" "I just need to pay the babysitter." "It's just to verify you are safe." "Otherwise I will get evicted today!" The only thing more concerning than a landlord that is evicting single mom's on the 23rd day of the month over $40, is the number of men who believe this crap.
? How the actual fuck are you getting people to believe this garbage? I actually had one (I'm going to say woman, but realistically it was a pathetic low life dude halfway across the world) tell me not to worry because the app provides insurance to it's users against fraud. I knew right away that a lot of men actually accepted that as assurance that it was legit and sent the money. Probably all the way until they were about to say out loud to a police officer that the money was actually for a prostitute. ??
We gotta break the chain of command. See, women saw how much men wanted sex and realized that they had a powerful force that they could use to get you to surrender your most prized possession, money. But women have needs too. Based on what I've encountered (at least the ones who are charging you for sex) here is a list of what they need.

A Ride
A place to live

But never forget the absolute basics of humanity that even the the worst people still need.

To be desired

They may seem cold and only concerned about the $$$ #bossqueenstfualready, but there's definitely more to it.
You wanna stop paying and stop this rediculous wave of bullshit scammers? Put down your money and wait. Hold that shit! And then when the time is right, put out your own ad.

Hh - ride within 15 miles
H - round-trip ride within 15 miles.
2h - round-trip ride and drive thru combo meal.

This is called balance.


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I never saw this one.

"Most Prized" possession? Not money.

Self Pride from self discipline, particularly when it comes to sexual relations.
Money is one of the most worthless values to possess.

Lose your money, you can make more. Lose your honor & morality, It's gone.