What's for Dinner Tonight?


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We're at camp. So bbq'd burgers are on the menu for tonight. We've also got tacos sloppy joes (manwich) and hot dogs planned for our stay until sunday.


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And today was a beautiful day so we went out driving again in the sl with the top down. Beautiful day. Ended up in Michigan City so stopped at our favorite restaurant there, Fiddleheads. Started with tomato bisque soup, wife had a cheese soup. Then she had chicken Alfredo and I had meat loaf. Damn good stuff.
Their cook is great.


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I eat early on Thursday because I give fencing lessons and want my food well digested before I start!

So for today's fare it is a steak sandwich. Leftover piece of rib-eye, on thin sliced whole wheat. Garlic Aioli and Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

Washing it down with sparking water.