What are you listening to?


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Downloaded the first album from these guys. The movie is based on their story. The songs are pretty fun.



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Im listening to one of my 8track tapes :) (The mom and dads - In the blue canadian rockies)

Current song: In thr blue canadian Rockies


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Im listening to one of my 8 track tapes :) (The first authentic 1950s rock and roll collection) - Tape 2

Current song: A lovers question - Clyde Mcfatter


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I’m listening to the soundtrack from the series "Big Little Lie". Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka. I just love this song. When I hear it, I immediately relax, disconnect from the outside world and are morally transported to the coast of Australia. I don't know how it works, before that no soundtrack from the movie or series affected me like that. Sometimes I want to watch this series again just because every series starts with this song.


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I do like my country music and love this video. It makes me laugh.
One of the comments on the video....proof that men never grow up :giggle:, he's going to sell them in a pair and call it a rack:giggle: