what are you drinking tonight?


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I thought that I'd give this a bump.

I just finished a bottle of "Aunt Bea's Butterscotch Cream" that I picked up today for no other reason than I wondered what it tasted like. I'll tell what it tasted like ... it was bloody good. That's why I started to have one glass and lo' and behold, the darned bottle is empty.

Now I'm off to bed, if it's still where it was when I left it this morning. We'll see. Wish me luck.


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It's either going to be Capt'n Silver and Coke tonight or plain ole Coors Light... or both...:w00t2:


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It's even better than my beloved Hornsby's, which they have stopped selling around here.
Boo hoo..
Crisp, nice.. buzz factor after 3 bottles.. meh... about the same.. :D
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