what are you drinking tonight?

Rusty Shackleford

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a long awaited take off of the whats for dinner tonight? thread.
Natty Light for me right now in my Duff Beer can coozie. but after this is gone i think i will have me Wild Turkey 101 and Pepsi.



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Whatever that champagne they gave us on the cruise that we didn't drink. I packed it in my bags and it made it home. I'll have to see if I can say the entire alphabet on one burp. Can you do that??


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Citadel martini, very up, very dry, now

15 year old scotch and a Ghurka cigar later


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Lady Bligh spiced rum & Diet Pepsi...when I get back from the range.


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Nothing yet but I have a few beer sitting on ice waiting for me back at the camper when I finally get to settle down. In the process of stage 1 of moving. (stage 1 is moving from this house to my rental house across the back lane. stage 2 is loading it all up in a moving truck in august and heading to saskatchewan) I know, I know!!! Pain in the a$$ moving twice but that's the way it worked out. Good news is that I may have sold the rental house today. I'll know next week. Yup! I think a beer or two is in order tonight.

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What in the hell do you think I am drinking ? Same thing as last night and every night .:doh::unsure::clap::w00t2::smile:


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Tonight I am drinking Miller lite. I have not ate much and rode my bicycle about 40 miles today. I am getting a buzz.