What are you doing today?

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I hooked up the trailer and bought 3 scoops of mulch and wifey and I got it all spread out in the flower beds. Whew. Wore me out. I had procrastinated on this for as long as I could. I finally got tired of hearing "Those flower beds really need some mulch". :yum:

So what are you up to (today, tomorrow etc.)?
Worked on the Coot this morning, after lunch I ate going to give it another hour or two then shoot my Ruger old army revolver that just showed up last night. The coot work will be in the ATV section and the ROA shooting in the handgun section, No decorations until Thanksgiving.
There's another wave of the coroni bologna here in Iowa.
What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas.
Tell me about it.
Between this, the political scene and trying to get through the holidays with family I feel like I'm going to lose my mind.
Doesn't matter.
I'm a strong woman, right?
Not so much right now.
I think we all are.

I spent the morning finishing up one side of the cars rocker panels after taking my daughter Hollie to the dentist then to school. In the afternoon I took the oldest son evan driving for an hour and a half. He is doing a road test Friday. If he passes, he can drive alone with restrictions.
I think we all are.

I spent the morning finishing up one side of the cars rocker panels after taking my daughter Hollie to the dentist then to school. In the afternoon I took the oldest son evan driving for an hour and a half. He is doing a road test Friday. If he passes, he can drive alone with restrictions.
When I was 5 years old, I had been driving my drunk parents home from the fish house on the lake (driving the car at that age was common for my brother and I). There was a game warden checking people at the lake access. Luckily for us, our friend (a cattle rustling cop with a state badge) was riding the 4wheeler in front of us. He stopped at the check point, waved his badge and drove on. The look on the game wardens face when I rolled past off the lake hanging from the steering wheel was priceless. Ill never forget that day lol! Needless to say, the driving test wasnt an issue when I became of age. Todays kids hardly get the chance to get behind the wheel and we all wonder why they suck at driving at 16 yrs old lol. Ahh, the good old days! Was a 70 something monte carlo if i remember correctly.

Hopefully he passes, best of luck to him!!!
I was out in the garage working on the car again at dawn's crack. After a bit of sheet metal fab and some cutting and bending, I finished up the second rocker panel. It's now ready for paint. I originally ordered replacement one piece rockers to install but the bottoms of the front fenders were also rusted so I started with a flat sheet of sheet metal and cut and bent then cut then bent some more to fabricate new pieces. It'll all be covered with a one piece plastic trim that runs from front to back and covers the whole thing. Just a few things to finish and it'll be ready for the road.

Here's the passenger side ready for the trim to be installed.


The driver's side with complete new rocker panel from front to back. It's now ready for rock guard and paint.
I bought a new computer in 2014 (maybe early '15) from Cyber Power PC. Since the day it was new, it occasionally had boot up issues and gave overclocking errors (even though this liquid cooled beast would still today never need overclocking to keep up). The past week, the 2 digit LED code readout on the motherboard (Asus A-99) read 00, failure to post. So, the first day I took the heat gun from my solder station (assuming a thermal stress fracture somewhere in a solder joint) and heated the CPU water cooler and the motherboard. It booted up. The next few days, each morning I had to do the same with less and less success. I slowly narrowed down the issue by gently heating the motherboard with the heat gun and got the issue narrowed down to about 4 square inches. I had to do a restart a few hours ago and, again, not posting/booting up at all. This time the heat gun on low didn't do the trick. Tore the motherboard out, shielded all the electrolytics with thin copper-clad steel used to shield telephone cable and cranked the heat gun up to 480°C heating that area just until the solder turned liquid.

Long story short, I'm still here. Re-flow successful. Put it all back together and it booted up first try. Restarted a few times letting it cool in between, no issue. All the anger from buying the PC equivalent of a Ferrari and never taking it out of 1st gear just to watch it take a $#![ is now gone. Was a good afternoon :)
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Physio this morning. Then home to work on the car for a couple hours. Then back to the city to pick up one of the kiddies on one side of the city to bring to the opposite side of the city for an appointment then back to her school to drop her off then home again to work on the car some more.
Hello guys i know this is off topic but i will do anything i can to help him!!


if you can please contribute or share anything helps!!! thank you allot and bless your soul!!
Headed back to Springfield MO bungalow. I need to stabilize the unit, install a permanent septic line and then add the under skirting.

Saturday we break the lake camp down in Stockton, hook up the camper trailer to bring home and put the boat away for winter.

Thanksgiving will be Turkey sandwiches and coffees.

I fall goes well we'll be home Sunday
Took Dasha our Russian foreign exchange student/fencer to the airport so she can start her journey home. She is flying to Boston this afternoon and will stay with another coach's family for a couple days. He did a lot to train her. She will then fly to Frankfort, and then ultimately home to Kiev, Ukraine (where her mom currently lives) where she will stay for most of the winter break. Notre Dame will resume classes in early February 2021. Dasha will fly back into Chicago in mid-January and will stay with us before we drop her off at N.D. for some intensive fencing practices during the end of January prior to the start of next semester.

For those of you who have been following Dasha since I first introduced her here, she made the Notre Dame varsity fencing team as a freshman. Her coach emailed me earlier this week and said she has the makings of becoming one of the worlds "great" fencers. His words. He is coach of the worlds most successful college team, has sent quite a few kids to the Olympics, several who have won Olympic golds, many who have won various American championships, etc. So he knows.


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Happy Thanksgiving from the left coast. Ive been busy the last few days in the field on a shutdown modifying some conveyors we manufactured and installed 7-8 years ago. Today the turkey went in the oven at 6am and the kids will show up around noon.:cool:


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