What are you doing today?

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I hooked up the trailer and bought 3 scoops of mulch and wifey and I got it all spread out in the flower beds. Whew. Wore me out. I had procrastinated on this for as long as I could. I finally got tired of hearing "Those flower beds really need some mulch". :yum:

So what are you up to (today, tomorrow etc.)?
Waiting for it to thunderstorm, right now...Animal chores then a trip to Sheels with the daughter to pickup her bow in Des Moines. Ogle the gun racks while there....:brows:

Getting ready to head up to my cabin. Sounds like the storm Friday night and last nights might have done some damage.
Drove 450 miles from Franklin NC to Pensacola FL. Along the way my truck turned over 70K on the odometer. Naturally, an epic event of this nature must be shared so I recorded it for all to see! Click Here
This is what I finished doing today. Woodshed is almost half full which is 7 1/2 full cords. 1 truckload done and 2 to go yet.


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Damn son, you don't mess around do you?
Been stacking as I get a chance for about 2 weeks now. Time to start cutting a bunch of the small logs and then run them through the splitter. Most will only need one split and they should be manageable for this old man. The past 2 days I had to take a pain pill after overdoing it to get the last of it done. Dang stuff is heavy when it is fresh cut and the Amish boys left a lot of them bigger than I would have liked. I was pretty sick the day they came and they can lift those big pieces easier than I can. As they dry out they get a little lighter.
You have mentioned the Amish Boys frequently, what do they do for you? Do you hire them on an ongoing basis to cut wood and work around the ranch?
Not as much anymore. a lot have moved to a new settlement. I used to swap hauling and backhoe work for their help doing some of the labor intensive stuff that I am not SUPPOSED to do. I have hooked up with one family who can work Saturdays unless the older boys are not working out for cash money. These guys are more advanced and run equipment and have a phone in a hut at the end of their lane. You can call them between 8 and 8:30 in the morning to get in touch with them.
Went to church this AM and watched a brown bat fly around during the entire service.
Came home and finished my laundry, walked poochie loo in the park twice today, hung out on here off and on, took a short nap, made dinner.
The End.
Spent the entire day alone with Dragonfly Lady (ie, no kids, just us - doesn't happen much). Shopped a bit, had some awesome
BBQ, came home. Quiet and relaxing for a change. :biggrin:

Went to the rally for the day in the CAR, the Landrover clutch is stuck, so today am going to have to recharge the battery, which was flattened trying to get the clutch unstuck, and have another go!
I have some countertops to install this morning, then I'm going to run the water line to the new toilet location in the bathroom, and repair the holes in the floor and walls to get ready for phase two of the project...removing the vanity, opening the wall and reworking the plumbing to go from one sink to two sinks. Doing the same with the mirrors and lighting. Fun, fun, fun.
I've got to dig a few more graves for some unwanted visitors, we are over ran with coyotes,racoons and opossums this year. :sad:

With the full moon the last couple of nights, between the yotes and coons they have perty much wiped out all of our feral cats & they got my favorite last night. :gun2_smi:
Went for blood work and got some salt blocks for the cows. took a good nap this afternoon after watching the rain for a while.:clap:
Woke this morning to heavy thundershowers, which I like.
Don't like storms that have lots of wind and lightning though.
These storms contained rolling thunder that seemed to go on forever, and rain coming down, straight down, in buckets.

Did a lot of running around (3 appointments- doc, hair and chiropractor).. ate dinner downtown at the coffee house/ cafe... visited some family members too.
All in all, a good day.
Mowed ,weed wacked , cut a few logs ,tended to the mound system ,changed out the mower blades . Got naked and picked up a few hitch hikers .Woo hoo !
Just voted. Ron Paul for President. Richard Mourdock for Senate (to try to throw Richard Lugar out of office).

Soon I'll be driving up to a new building I purchased to wait for the utility company. And wait. And wait some more.
Just finished the water line for the new toilet and dry walled that wall. Got tied up yesterday (yes, it was fun & kinky:w00t2:) so this job didn't get done. Here are some pics from the walls I built for a customer and the countertops I had made for them. They are very pleased, and wife can't wait to fill them with all of her little do-dads and chatzy shit (her husband's words). The column was so I could run power from the ceiling to the walls for 4 outlets. the house is on a slab with no other access to the wiring. The counter guy did a hell of a good job with the tops. He made them 15" wide in two pieces with a miter joint on the inside corner and a lap joint on the outside. I glued and screwed the joints together and used a heat gun for the laminate overlap. It pays to hire good people that know what they are doing. Now the customer has to do something with the baseboard. His wife is livid that he would not let me do them, because he "wanted to save some money." I got a shiny nickle that says the wife calls me to do it in about a month when she gets tired of looking at it unfinished.:yum:

Almost forgot...there was a spindle railing with 3 posts to the ceiling where I built the new walls. It looked cheap (because it was), but that's what builders installed 20 years ago. It took me 10 minutes to rip it all out and carry it out to the trash.




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