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Which army had 599? Ours? (US).

Yes, United States army. They didn't change the color from the Snow Trac red and kept the Snow Trac graphics, they just added the Army lettering and some minor changes such as the tail lights from what I can see.


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one easy way to id a military snow trac is by the lifting hook that is next to the window at the rear of the hood.

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one easy way to id a military snow trac is by the lifting hook that is next to the window at the rear of the hood.

True of the European Military models. But my feeling is that the Snow Trac was never intended in our military as a standard issue motor pool machine. More of a stop gap type of machine for emergency use only. That was what those Snow Trac's were designated for at D.E.W radar sites for instance, emergency use only... No parts or service in the field. Nor do I believe any military historian would list a Snow Trac as a military tracked machine. So few of them in our services..

The lift hooks appeared after the acquisition of the rights and manufacturing were sold to Ackiv, and were only on the three band big wheel versions from what I have been able to find out. Those machines also feature a square plate on the nose with a short length of pipe welded on to it. This was the receiver for a ridged hitch that pinned into the pipe for towing a dead machine.. This version I don't think were purchased by our military. All I have come to know about in our military are two band earlier machines.. Execpt for one in Alaska, Don found in a town North of Nome. A Navy machine, three band tracks and the tall cab to boot... It has no lift hooks either, as I recall from Don's pictures..

In Michigan there were trials on a military base of all terrain type vehicals in the early 60's.. I don't know of the base name, but remember reading about this trial here on this forum some were... Could it be these machines could have been part of that trial? IF only they could talk...

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One must also remember that the US military could, and does buy equipment COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf). The off the shelf stuff wasn't intended for warfare use. Base support operations, and special projects were the usual culprits of COTS. They would get a military number and sometimes paint. As an example Keesler AFB had both military ambulances and COTS (southern ) The military was green ,hardened. The Southern was a POS done on least bid.

So you could get both the nato/military version and the COTS version with military ID.

And then there was the nearly military crap. The CUCV stuff comes to mind. Just enough military that it wasn't normal, but not enough that it stood up well.


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Is there anyone out there who knows where I might find both large ST34 chain drive sprockets as both mine have broken teeth? I have found a local machine shop who can make them for me but $$$. I'm not sure if I am posting to the right place or how to but let's give it a shot. Any help would be great. Dan


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Hi Jim VT,
My first go around with this forum, cannot find the for sale snow trek...

I WILL keep trying though!!

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Thnaks to you all for outstanding information an d stories about your machines.
I have the international register of the snow-tracs that were built in Morgongåva, Sweden in 1957-1983, however the last years there are not any bokks left from.
This reply origins to the ones of Lyndon for lots of years ago, but hopefully someone still can answer.
I know how many was exported to Canada and USA 1957-1978 but it is not the same as the numbers given in 2006.
However, I would be delited to know more about the big Companys mackines and how many theu had and the mentioned iicture of Whitehorse I also would like to see.
If anyone wants to Contact me send me an e-mail to kenthhansson@hotmail.se then and I will reply. Happy new year to you all as far from from Sweden.


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Hello all. Long time lurker signing in.
I've had this about 10 yrs.

Sorry about the lousy nameplate photo, best I can focus. WCFE a public tv station in NY?
I have no idea how much it weighs but it does ok on the flat terrain I deal with. But it is slow and loud. The original idea was hinge pins between adjacent track guides. They were rusted away or broke, so were cut out, then added the inner 3 belts

So now I own st182 that was listed here in the classifieds. Seems solid so far but the primary owner wanted brakes. That lead to many hours of reading and rereading the information you members have provided. So thank everybody except Puckle, who set the bar too high.

Used tan "Big Stretch" to fill in missing rubber.
Was able to find brake parts easily online. For future adjustment it seems like running the shoes up snug then backing off 4 "clicks" will work. ?
Had the idea to reverse all 4 front sprockets...the track drive to get a wear baseline on the plastic sprockets and new wear surfaces for new drive chain.
Could not break the nut loose on the chain sprocket side without more torque than I cared to apply. Luckily someone had lubed the pins (ST3002) well and after drilling and tapping for a 5/16 bolt pulled out easily.
Had to whittle some aluminum out of the way for the axle to clear. The unpainted aluminum shows the extent.


Was happy to see that the bearing housings (ST17A) are made of steel. So I have 2 aluminum spares.
Should the track guides be equally shiny? Seems like all the work is being done on the inner parts in both sides. Alignment mostly rear wheel?

Minor cracking on rear wheel, townies won't fix it-liability, so I stick welded with aluminum rod, didn't like the rough finish on the mating surface. Read something here about freeze /thaw causing problems so I bedded the mounting flange with a thin layer of JB weld, if it works I'll be happy otherwise I'll be out there with a torch and chisel.
Almost ready for snow.


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i have st185 and maybe i can answer some questions .you can spin the drums while adjusting the shoes. 4 clicks should be ok. your hand bracke lever will tell you. i think it's a 65 vw for shoes and springs. the snow trac parts have ST in front of them. vw is numbered. i used a liquid rubber for the inner sprocket. it just keeps the ice out form the center.
the close up of the crack .i can't tell what it is. and is the rear wheel rim cracked?
you look to be doing ok. jim


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Sorry, the close up was meant to show the metal removed to get the st17 assembly out through the engine compartment. I thought some purists may object but it saved my plan to reverse the sprockets without aggressive disassembly.

The wheel cracks were from hole to hole, some lug holes and main bore. There are several older cracks that have been welded up nicely. My repairs in the mounting area were not flat enough to trust the lug torque to hold, hence the bondo.

Had read elsewhere that it was necessary to remove the tracks to adjust the brakes-I don't ever want to reinstall the tracks again, so I tried to come up with a shortcut.
Funny, funny. #185. If they were built at about 4 per week these two were built within hours of each other. Can you tell your original color?

Appreciate you guys sharing with nubies.