WE got any Oven repair experts out there ?


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I have a Maytag electric wall oven that is driving me nuts . The heating elements both show fine but they will not work . Everything lights up on the panel . I have checked Heating Elements , breaker , wall connection , and still am no closer to solving this . I find it hard to believe it could be a control panel with all the lights working and you can hear it click when I try to turn on the bake cycle . I do only have 120 volts on one side of the element wires that plug into the element and think this must have something to do with my problem . I am down to a bad heat sensor or a control board .
Anyone got any ideals ???
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W/o seeing it I'm guessing one is turned on and off by the panel and the other goes directly thru the panel and the one that goes thru is the hot one. I'll suggest disconnecting both wires from the element and finding which is the hot one. After finding that one then shut the power off to the oven and using the ohms selection on a vom find if the hot one is the one getting power direct from the line. I think your panel is done. Most 240v circuits are controlled thru one side of the circuit.


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The control panel is 110V The heaters are 220V. I suggest you look for a blown relay.

Most likely the panel is stepped down to lower voltage as modern appliances use low voltage for micro circitry. The control relay may well be on an electronioc card. The heater relay will be separate and large.

It could be either one.

There is also a safety in the thermocouple system that it must have continuity to work. IE, the Thermo couple is broken.