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U Joint Strap assistance needed


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OK, I’ve done parts for 30+ years, but this one is pissing me off. Long squirrel (literal) story short, I have lost a single U Joint cap strap that attaches the drive coupling to the output pinion yoke on the transmission.

The joints are Cleveland R55 series(inside lock), which are obsolete, but have plenty of alternate numbers. They are typically used in a 1350 driveline application. The key fact is that the caps are 1.188”. Chasing this back thru a Spicer number(5-1205x) gives a cap number of 3-70-28x. Not even close. The arch is too tall and the hole C/L to C/L is too narrow. Standard 1350 setups are outside clamp locking, not “C” clip with the narrow strap. The straps I've chased so far for a 1350 yoke attach centerline with the bearing cap. As you can see in picture 5 below, the stock yokes over shoot the centerline.

That got me to thinking the output yoke was actually based on the 7260 Dodge driveline. But those caps only measure 1.078”. And since they are all “C” clip they don’t provide a strap number. Of course, unlike most every other part, there is no casting or stamped number.

The strap I need is:

1.875” hole center to center

.375 from flat surface to highest inside arch point

.562 strap width


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Dave , try here. They make driveshafts there and have bearings and u joints for everything. They are in Quincy,MA. Just south of Boston.
617 471-7800. Ask for Steve

sledhead Ed

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They don't put spec's on anything anymore. Then try to get someone to measure it the right way so you'll know if it will is a joke most of the time.
carparts right in town has them in their plaistow wharehouse. my cost was 4 dollars and change so should be the same for you guys over there. Or
Give brookline machine a call . the last driveshaft i sent my customer over to have built before civid was for a 87 olds cutlas I built for him that had a turbo 350 trans. to a ford rearend. they had everything right there and do good work. It held up to this car it did 10.88 on it's forth pass down the quarter mile with stock suspension and just slicks. then they shut him down because he broke 11's with no roll bar in the car. It's just a little tough to find. It's in a back alley by the new balance in the old mills.


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Any chance you have a number for it, smiley face smiley face smiley face?? No need to be breaking apart full components for a stupid $6 strap that disappeared. I'll be able to source it local from the shop that redid my shafts, but was just trying to get the Spicer cross refference so I can just order it up here.


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Part found.

As has been stated numerous times in multiple other threads, all of us with old iron are well & truly fooked once the old timers in the old shops go away. I don't consider myself an old timer from my side of the readers, but I guess to most I am. and I still know how to run a paper book. I went back to the shop that made my new shafts (Gilbert Driveline, Manchester, NH) to chase this strap down. Long story short, I was lucky enough to catch the owner who is 70 plus. The guy at the parts counter couldn't match it and sent me to the office. After searching the last Cleveland published pasts book (1978) he rolled into the Rockwell book (who purchased them and absorbed the company after a couple years - Rockwell later was bought by Arvin-Meritor). A little searching turned up something that could be close. He yelled the number to the parts counter and said they supposedly had one. I never trust my inventory and knew I was screwed. But, low and behold, it was right where it was supposed to be!

The strap kit to lock in a Cleveland R55 (or 1350 series) with an over center yoke is Meritor part number KT125.


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im buying some cushman t case parts. and they are all coming back on meritor letter head.

fabco/ cushman/ all now meritor........ Three different series of part numbers. kind of like your hunt above.