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Hi All,
I’ve been lurking around as a reader and finally have something to post.
I’ve have a Tucker crew trailer that I have no snow cat to tow with so I thought it would sell it to someone who could use the thing. According to Tucker it is of 70’s vintage. I’m in the process of fixing it up for it’s next lease on life. It had 4 seats in it, and will again soon. The cracked window is already out for replacment and both front and rear window gaskets are set to be changed out at the same time. It is on skis (with runners so can handle mild side hill) and I can say it is pretty light on its feet and tows nicely. Now the price might seem high, but don’t ignore the fact this a badged Tucker trailer in really good shape of which Tucker knows of 3 and this one was a surprise! If you do your research you will find as I did and anyone else can the last one around was in horrible shape and sold for $5k in 2016. Am I high? Maybe. But here it is...


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High on drugs or price? Could go either way
Not very constructive there TA. Any other suggestions? What would you sell it for if you had it in the California market? If you improve and restore it what is your time worth? If your time is less valuable than mine and your quality of work is better perhaps you would be for hire? Also, if you have a baseline or historical reference of value for these trailers that would benefit the group it would sure be more helpful than a chuckle.
Does anyone else have a point of reference that would be helpful for pricing that TA and associates might find more agreeable?
Here’s my point of reference from right here at



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Nice to see other versions. The Tucker orange one is almost a dead ringer if not for the coverplate on the non-door side. Any inside cabin pictures put there? Any idea where the pictures were taken?
It has been years since I saved that pic, so not sure where it was originally posted. But, 90% sure it was west coast. The other picture (not saved) was of the door side. I just saved the one incase I decided to build something like it in the future. The two orange ones above almost certainly were sold together. As for price? Who knows. Some things you think are gold aren't and other things make your jaw drop. I'm thinking $6-7K is probably more in line since it's newer. I would love to have one like that, but I've got to finish my 'pulling apparatus' first.

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Just asked for clarification on your question.

eBay would be a great place to try and fetch that type of money. There Is and ass for every seat somewhere.

$35000 Kitten is a bargain in comparison.

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The yellow one went to its new home for free as I understand.

That would be the floor comp price.


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Pretty sure those were used at the Royal Gorge Cross County Ski Area in Soda Springs, Ca. This is the current logo. Or not.


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Pretty cool 😎.

It's worth what someone is willing to pay, no?Although it sounds like it's a little out of TA's realm of possibility. But, perhaps he hasn't stopped to considered that it says Tucker on it AND it doesn't have an engine
the tucker logo was added later in life, originally, 6 were built, all were painted yellow with a blue top, they were all hooked together and towed like a snow train, they are quite heavy...and without the landing gear wheels, very difficult to move around, not one of tucker very limited better ideas. NONE every had any signage and or logos saying "tucker snow cat" and never painted orange from the factory and had NO serial numbers!

last one that sold I know of, went for $5,000.00, looked ready to use and pretty nice with all of it's original seats, about a year ago

the real value is having no engine, known as the "Nikson effect"
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Considering Tucker was only aware of three of this style, it is great to see all of these sleds coming out of the woodwork. For those of you that have them- do you use them?

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Considering Tucker was only aware of three of this style, it is great to see all of these sleds coming out of the woodwork. For those of you that have them- do you use them?
No, No, No....I own one and I do not use it, they are heavy and very difficult to load and unload, no landing gear wheels to move it around with, frankly it is just yard art...

I do use my open tucker snow cat trailers a lot and almost aways have one on the back of my cat.

unless, you live high up in the mountains and can walk out the front door to your snow cat, these enclosed passenger trailer are heavy, no landing gear wheels, and quite difficult to move and use, much less, load and unload on a trailer to take up to the mountain, frankly, they are yard art and kinda ugly at that,

fyi, all 6 still exist...

sorry I am not a cheer leader for these trailers, they were built for a single customer, no one else and or company ever bought one new...they were not a winner

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