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Tucker pontoons on pavement?


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Hi all. I mis-timed getting my sno-cat moved and now need to drive it a couple of miles to get it to pavement. Most of that will be on pavement. Is that going to mess up my pontoons? I will obviously go slow (no choice, right? ha ha) and take turns easy and while moving. I can haul my trailer up to move it the 2 miles but man, what a pain that would be! Thanks all!

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I have to agree with the above statement. Pavement might be better than say rocks.
You have to remember the bottom of the pontoon is stationary. Anything the tracks encounter has to be short enough not to contact the bottom surface of the pontoon. Other wise it will dent or cut a slot in the bottom.
2 miles is a long ways to go. and a lot of time for things to go wrong at 2 miles per hour...

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Many have made a parade route on pavement which will add wear to grousers who knows how much. I would rather slow trailer 2 miles than gravel the cat.

If too rough for a trailer way to rough for a pontoon cat.


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They dont build new grouser parts and used ones are not very plentiful. I would not run it on pavement if it was mine and especially if you can trailer it. Pain in the but will be sourcing grousers later. Just my opinion.