Trail Riding with new to me Kubota RTV


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Last month I was shopping around for a Kubota RTV. I need something that size with a dump bed for managing the trails on my property. I was planning to buy in the spring as I don't really need it till then. Of course that is when you find a deal, a deal that is hard to pass up. I bought a 2015 RTV x1100c in great shape for bottom dollar price.

I'm so impressed with this new to me 2015 RTV x1100c. I drove the same trails I normally ride in nicer weather in the Honda Pioneer. Yesterdays high temp was 35, so I'd freeze in the Honda Pioneer. No problem with the closed cab RTV. The gearing is so much different than the older RTV's with H, M and L forward gears. This RTV only has H and L. I never had to use L even once. Some of the hills did slow me way way down. 7mph was the slowest and that happened three times. Still that is better than having to stop to shift to L, then go up the hill in L, stop again to shift again to H. The RTV would recover quickly and get up to 15 to 20mph without straining. Another big difference was on the older RTV's I had to let off the gas to keep it moving up a hill. Letting off the gas on these newer ones does not increase your speed. Pedal to the metal will keep you rolling, no need to let off unless you want to slow down.

She is not a speed demon but it sure is nice to be able to get out of the house for a ride on our back roads and not freeze ur behind off. Wife even packed a little picnic lunch. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Anyone else doing some trail riding this time of year?


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