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Probably a dumb question but do the tracks always have more traction say on bare ground than what they would have on all types of snow conditions? Meaning do the Cats always steer better/easier on the snow? Thinking more along the lines of a Tucker four track machine.


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Less traction on the snow, easier on the machine I would say. Maybe why they sit all summer. If they were good on dirt, you'd see them there. The tucker may be the exception to this however..As I now know they are used for specialty farming operations on dirt...

Lbs/in.sq on the tracks is the all important thing to consider with any snow cat. Below 1 lb/, and your all good I figure...

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any of the snow cats with a single row of road wheels will have issues with hard ground. this happens when in rocky ground or on had uneven terrain, like dryed rutts, the track griousers arn't designed to support the weight of the machine. i run mine in the summer accross the tundra which in places can be pretty swampy if i have to cross a river bed i thhan slow way down and creep. on packed dirt you will have much better traction especialy when climbing a hill. the snow or soft ground is what the intended use of your machine you should limmit it to's not a dozer


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like said, the two track machines need to "slip" to steer. so hard ground is hard on them, tracks grousers, cleats etc.

the 4 track models that pivot some way or another in the middle the power to the tracks stay on and the rear follows the front when turning, so hard ground isnt as hard on them. but you still should be moving while turning so the tracks can move over the ground and not be forced to move sideways.