Top 5 Christmas movies. What are yours?


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Kevin McCarthy's Top 5 Christmas movie list

Die Hard: great xmas movie but non traditional so not on list.

5. Love Actually
4. It's a Wonderful Life
3. The Polar Express
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
1. Home Alone and Home Alone 2

Brian Kilmeade's Number one: Fred Clause.

My wife loves the one where the boy is warned over and over about shooting his eye out with a bb gun. I can't think of the name of that one.

I've seen the Home Alone movies and It's a Wonderful Life, maybe I'll check out some I have not yet seen this Christmas season.

What are your favorite Christmas Movies?
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- A Child's Christmas in Wales
-The House Without a Christmas Tree
- Miracle on 34th Street
-It's A Wonderful Life
-A Christmas Story

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(Not necessarily in this order):

White Christmas
Meet Me in St Louis
Christmas Story
It's a Wonderful Life
A Christmas Carol -- 1951 version, starring Alistair Sim


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It's a Wonderful Life, hands down. Jimmy Stewart was an awesome actor and person. WW2 and VietNam Veteran. Oh, did I mention he was a Republican?

Lets not forget Donna Reed. What a knockout.

It's a Wonderful Life hands down. :thumbup:


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I also like Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby. White Christmas was sang in this movie too.


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5) Christmas story (electric sex and the BB gun Christmas)
4) Love Actually ( I don't know why just do)
3) It's a Wonderful Life ( uh J-Jimmy Stewart)
2) Charlie Browns Christmas ( I can relate)
1) A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott as Scrooge.

In my opinion, the Scott version exhibited the most authentic character, costumes, and set, of that period in Old England as well as his very authentic portrayal of the emotions of Ebenezer Scrooge.
Perhaps it is because I have adamantly refused to grow up but,,,; To me the best Christmas stories are ones that you enjoyed as a child AND as an adult.


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My favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually (2003). I recently watched it again. The script had already been forgotten over time, but when I reviewed it, I remembered almost everything. The film is very enjoyable. It tells us that love does not depend on status, on age, maybe to the same sex, maybe not reciprocal, maybe "for work", maybe in different languages. But it is all-consuming, creative, and without it there is no meaning in life. I would like to mention the role of Hugh Grant, I remember her the most in this film. And also pity Harry's husband, who was deceived. But ... life is life, and everything is shown in the film, so diverse, really occurs in reality, often evoking emotions "cannot be".