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It is both a solemn day and a happy day. Today is our 50th wedding anniversary.


We have a ways to go to to catch up with you guys. April was 34 years for us.

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Happy Anniversay. You've got us by 7 years. Many, many more to you.


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Happy Anniversary Leni!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! You are a decade ahead of us. :tiphat:


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We are at 47 years. My wife was just out of diapers when we met. And yes, my training is progressing nicely thank you.

For years we were challenged by friends with the same question," is it love yet?" It was, from our first encounter.

Congrats on your success in love. It comes so rarely anymore and seldom withstands the tests of time and influences.:flowers:


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Good show gal!!!!we are headed we just passed 51...on our way to 52......and as long as I do as Im told...I should make it!!!!!

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Leni, Congratulations on this mile stone! 50 years is a long time, and I am happy for you and your husbands commitment to your marriage. I wish you many more years of bliss!

Regards, Kirk


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Thanks everyone. We decided a long time ago that we would celebrate our marriage on the day. We would remember 9-11 but would not let those bastards spoil our day.


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Congratulations! Wife and I made 22 a couple weeks ago; have a little catching up to do :D