Tim Cook on Privacy (Apple CEO)

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On January 28, 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered remarks at Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference: Enforcing Rights in a Changing World. The virtual conference — hosted annually in Brussels, Belgium — is one of the foremost international privacy and technology conferences bringing together leaders from academia, government, civil society and the private sector. Learn more about the features and controls Apple provides users to safeguard their privacy at http://www.apple.com/privacy.

Apple seems to be waking up to the threat of Face Book. But I don't exactly trust Tim Cook either. I hope he changes my mind....


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Apple has privacy? Bullshit.
Their phones listen to everything you say then market things to you based on your conversation.
Mrs. Zoom has an iPhone. We were on a road trip that crossed state lines. One state doesn't have reciprocity with my state so I said I need to pull over and put the pistol/ammo separate and out of reach. Within minutes, there were things on her phone about reciprocity.