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Thiokol 601 door hold open.


:hammer:Before I acquired my 601 I had several M29 Weasels. One of the things I liked about the weasel was having it open like a jeep with the top down. There have been many times, while operating my 601, when the weather was temperate that I wanted more than just that little door window open. Leaving the door open was nice but there was no way of securing so it wasn't flapping back an forth. Then I came up with this idea. I used an angle iron I bought a Menards for $3.00. I used a bench grinder to shorten up one side and round off the sharp corners. I then used a hand grinder to cut a notch. The door handle swings down and catches the notch. Works great and looks like original equipment.


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great Idea, I had a rubber bungey cord on my 601, it really stressed my shoulder to try to unhook it while being too stubborn to get out and unlatch it.