There's no guarantees.


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A good guy, I've known him since he was just a kid.
He had some troubles growing up, and even did 4 years in prison.
He was getting his shit together though.

A good hand.
He helped a lot on the addition.

I texted him Friday:
Hey Ronnie, can you help me pour some cement on Sunday?

Naw I can't on Sunday, but if you can wait until Thursday, I guarantee I'll be there!

I got a call Sunday morning.
Ronnie died in a car wreck Saturday night. :sad:

There's no guarantees people.
Cherish every minute and second as much as you can.


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Wow. Sorry to read this. We will place his family, and you, in our prayers.


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Wow. Sorry to read this. We will place his family, and you, in our prayers.

His family....Poor Mom.

She was currently visiting her mother in an ICU out of state at the time.
Her husband recently had a stroke, and was basically left a vegetable.
His uncle, who lived with Ronnies folks, blew his brains out earlier this year.
Now this.

Poor Gal.


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The guy was in his late 20's, maybe early 30's.

I'm a firm believer in Karma, although it's hard to pin someone else's karma to their actions in life, I certainly know when and why most of my karma happens/occurs.

Have you ever had a credit card lost, stolen or turned off?
It can be devastating.
Your whole world can go off the tracks, and some of those things that might get upside down, like payments and stuff might follow you around for years, especially on your credit, when the whole thing might not have even been your fault.
Or being on a trip, or trying to get home from one, or really anything can get all jacked up when you have no access to your funds, even for a little while.
It's horrible, it happened really bad to me once, but that's another story.

Before Ronnie went to prison he got pretty bad into the hard drugs, and developed a heroin addiction.
In order to fund his habit, he got involved in credit card fraud.

Now, if someone stole my card, cost me a fortune in late fees, ran up a bunch of bills, screwed up my credit, and left me upside down, and I found out who it was, I think I'd want to kill him.

Four years in prison wouldn't cut it for me.
I'd probably wish him a death much worse than a car wreck.

How many untold lives did he disrupt the hell out of?

I'm still trying to reconcile the whole thing, but if that ain't karma...

Sure he did his time for it, and "paid his debt to society" found Jesus, and was cleaning up his act, but that may not have been the full price for the damage he caused.

Still, I'm saddened by this, and will miss the guy.