The collapse of private sports clubs due to Covid-19


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LOOKING FOR IDEAS on how to keep sports clubs alive. :idea:

Private soccer leagues, private volleyball leagues, private baseball leagues ... and their training camps are all in jeopardy of closing down.

While many rent "park" property seasonally, some of the best have leases in private facilities and these are the clubs that are most at risk. Income stops. Not only monthly dues but also income from lessons and equipment sales. Expenses continue.

From the perspective of the Fencing Club community my club is pretty safe to survive the mandated shut down. We have rent commercial space from a doctor for $100/year. Our coaches and staff are all volunteers. So we have no real financial burden. But we are friends with many clubs that rent commercial space, have paid coaches, pay utility bills, have maintenance and marketing expenses, etc. A 30 to 60 day shut down could be fatal to private clubs.

My non-profit club is reaching out to a couple of for-profit clubs. We are offering to brainstorm ideas with these clubs to keep them afloat. Not really sure what else we can do. My club is posting up individual training content, humor, etc white we get through this. Our posting frequency went from a few times a week, on facebook, to a minimum of 2 times per day and we are looking to begin making original training content too.

Wellness checks to our membership via email. Motivational messages via email. Etc. Just trying to keep people's spirits up and also keep them involved in the club ... and the commercial clubs that help support our club through extra coaching, competitions, etc.

Anyone else involved in a sports club of some type? What are you doing/planning if thls becomes an EXTENDED shut down?


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I just ordered some free weights to round out my home gym. The gym I've been going to for too long is getting pretty run down. I was considering dropping the membership and this has just accelerated the process.


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I had been attending a workout program at the complex gym 3 times a week. It's now closed until this is over. My physio clinic also just closed indefinitely until this is over. I have a treadmill set up here and all the weights and therabands needed to continue working out. I just have to schedule a dedicated time to do it which has been the hard thing in the past as my chair misses me when I'm home and not in it.