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We are having Venetian Festival here in St Joe this weekend. The headliner for tonight is Tesla.

My wife likes Tesla.

I don't mind them on the radio; I can switch channels.

I had to buy reserved seats, right in the middle.

They are loud.

Been married 28 years; I know when not to argue.

Wish me luck, and pray for me.

FWIW - last night on the river stage, Dot Dot Dot was back again. These kids are great. Keep your eye on them - they'll be big one day.


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We were center stage, 9th row. Just back far enough to get the full effect stereo 400 square feet of side speakers, 40 square feet of hung speakers, and 300 square feet of Marshall stage towers with the mixer master at 10 when 6 would have sufficed, with the lead singer trying his best to be louder than the instruments.

Seriously, it did not have to be that loud. 6 on the master would have made for a good show.

The fireworks started immediately after they finished their encore, which was one of the only "right" songs they played ("Signs"), volume correct, etc.

The fireworks got a 10+ on a scale of 1-10.

Now, Friday night's concert with Dot Dot Dot was perfect. The group was tight, the sound was right, they played a mix of cover and their own stuff. I particularly liked their version of Aha's Take Me On.

These "kids" (25ish) are going places.

Friday early afternoon, there were a couple 'billys on the bluff playing homemade instruments. A 6' tall bent stick with a string, an apparently homemade banjo, a bleach bottle cut open with some pvc pipe connected to the spout used as the horn section, a washboard, etc. Not top 40 stuff, but <extremely> enjoyable. A pleasure. Not something you would buy a recording of, but also something that is too good to not catch live. Pure art.

On a side note:
Went fishin Sunday morning and picked up a couple of salmon out on Lake Michigan in about 60; of water, then a storm was coming, then went out in a river boat where a cold stream meets the river, and caught a very large steelhead. That Rainbow was good eatin' Sunday evening!