Tesla Publishes Updated Supercharger Map With Future Stations, Timelines

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Tesla Publishes Updated Supercharger Map With Future Stations, Timelines - YouTube

Tesla updated its Supercharger map, naming lots of new locations. Here is what's different. Tesla has an overview of the Supercharger locations, which is regularly updated. You can find the overview of the locations here as a map , or you can look at the list of locations. (Future) Tesla drivers are currently taking a look, because the locations have just been updated. In addition to the red locations (Supercharger) and black locations (local chargers, for example in hotels and parking garages), there are many new gray points that show upcoming locations for Superchargers. You can click on this and then see when the Tesla Supercharger will (probably) open. Tesla's Supercharger network continues to be the plus point for me when it comes to comparing it with the competition. There is no provider who owns such a network and is expanding it so massively for its customers. And the updated map shows that some new locations will be added again in 2021. Simon Alvarez at Teslarati reports Tesla’s Supercharger ramp is evident in China as well, where planned stations could be seen across the country and its key cities. A good part of this is likely due to the deployment of a dedicated Supercharger production facility just a few miles away from Gigafactory Shanghai, which is expected to start operations early this year.


This is often over looked about Tesla. They own the "gas station" for their cars. For $16 per month, you can drive coast to coast if you so desire.
Try that with an internal combustion engine......
Not to mention Gigga Pack batteries will help support the grid we charge cars on. These utility scale battery packs are now a profitable piece of the Tesla stock price. And that price today landed on the far side of $800 per share, $816 currently. :thumbup:

Regards, Kirk