Tesla crashes. Kills driver


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Just what type special type of stupid does it take for someone to put their car in "autopilot" mode and play a video game while the car is hurtling down the road? Putting one's life entirely in the hands of Elon Musk and his crappy deathtrap cars. God almighty.

I'm glad to read he did not take any innocent folks with him, like a soccer mom and a van load of kids. Imagine that?

Special kind of stupid if one asks me. I am not sorry to say the world is a little bit smarter this morning without that Tesla driver.

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The roads are public, and there for the public should decide if a driverless anything is to be used on our roads.

We need to bring this to the a vote by all Americans. This technology will be used to eliminate jobs, and to profit a hand full of corporations. It will harm the work force, and increase risks on our public highways.

I say it is bllsh1t to think this technology should just be allowed on our roads. And, I say this as a Tesla stock holder if that matters...

Regards, Kirk


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Must have been a feminine Telsa.:eatdrink:

It sounds like the car was jealous that the driver took her for granted.
Boy did she get even.:bolt:

This self driving technology is in many new models as an assist to help drivers. But it doesn't do anything to prevent stupidity. I find it annoying enough to have my wife practicing her driving skills when I'm behind the wheel. I won't own a car that does also.

One should only answer to one master.:yum: