Ten Things That Are Practically Obsolete Now that We Have Smartphones

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I have an Uncles Zeiss Contaflex B compact 35MM SLR. It is in the camera bag with several lenses in see through plastic containers, the lids form the mount for each lens. One is a large "fish eye" type of wide angle. I acquired it 20 years ago from my Uncles estate. It has an unusual feature for us novices. In the aperture along with the view finder is a light meter. Top left front corner there is a wheel you turn to center the light meter. As you do this it is also simultaneously adjusting the f stop on the lens. This results in a near perfect picture every time. I used it up until 2014 when we got an Olympus digital camera I still use. Film and developing got hard to find, and that old Zeiss has sat idle for a decade. It does have a roll of shot up film in the camera currently, and I have no idea any more what those pictures might be of lol.... I should try and find a developer some were..

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I had a RB67. I sold it when a new digital camera was a thousand bucks and a digital back for the RB was 20,000.
I should have kept the RB.
Been thinking about buying a used one along with all the goodies.
It was a nice setup. RB Pro body;, 120, 220, and polaroid backs; 37mm lens, 65mm lens, 90mm lens, 250mm lens, 500mm lens; magnifying hood,, pro grip; umbrellas, brownline lighting, Heavy Gosen tripod with fluid head.
Nice stuff.