Stubborn bathroom Fawcett.


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My bathroom faucet is a double handle delta. It was dripping a couple times and I changed the rubber (?) seats.

After a bit it started dripping around the mechanism. When I went to take t he handle off, the Allen set screw that holds the handle would not come loose. I was able to pop it off and rebuilt the whole mechanism. I can set the handle in place and the faucet works, but, I still need to loosen that set screw.

Would any of you have any suggestions to how to degunk it so I can loosen our replace the screw without messing up the plating?

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If it is mineral deposits, a vinigar solution will help. Not sure about the plating though. Rust, any good penitrationg oil like Kroil should do the trick.

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Wrap a cloth around it and clamp in a vice. Tap the allen wrench in with a hammer and then give it a few good whacks on the allen wrench to break it loose. A scratch awl works good for cleaning out the set screw so the allen wrench goes all the way down.