Stanley Black Anodized tools


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Looked at them today at Wally World. They are actually called Black Chrome, not anodized. My open end and box end wrenches are a little spotty with some of the more common sizes long since lost due to my carelessness in lending and losing. Instead of replacing what's missing I was looking at the Stanley Black coated wrenches today.

Mostly light duty use for me now. I would easily buy top quality if still in the trade but I am no longer, so.

What say you? If anyone is familiar with decent quality low or mid range wrenches I would appreciate opinions. At this stage of the game, I have no desire to pump big bucks into high end stuff I have no need for.
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I don't have a answer on the black tools, but I really like my box - end wrenches with the ratchet built into the box end. A small downside is the box end is a little larger around so tight spaces are difficult to use them on.


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I don't know anything about them TR so I'm no help.

I am a bit like you though. I seem to have collected sets of wrenches of all description, types and sizes over the years so I'm not in the market for any more. I've also managed to keep most of the sets complete. I'm usually pretty careful about such things because I hate hunting for stuff and trying to figure out just where the hell I used it last. :biggrin: