Speed dating


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I would like to do some online speed datng. Anyone here has experience? What service did you use? How much did it cost and how many dates did you have?


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Its too bad the old school style of speed dating doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Why not put something together for your area, and start a speed dating club. Do some advertising, organize them for say every 2nd Saturday. Personally I would prefer them to be outdoors, maybe in a park. Each pair walks a lap around the park and talks, lets say that takes about 10 or so minutes, then switch. In 90 minutes 9 pairs meet, in 2 hours 12 couples, you get the idea. It is calm, relaxing, and not sitting across a table like a cheesy job interview. There is no pressure, just people getting out for some non-strenous exercise, fresh air, and hopefully sunshine. About 13:00 or 14:00 hours on Saturdays. Ask people to please donate $5 to help with advertising, and a simple website cost. You can build your own cheap and easy on Go Daddy or similar places.