Some people just can't be helped.


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Here's a guy who doesn't have a job, and his wife waits tables 2 days a week 50 miles away.
When he does have some money, he spends it all trying to pan for gold.
If anything, he might come out slightly ahead of his expenses, but only on a good day.

He's an ok mechanic, but all of his vehicles are broken and need repair, except he doesn't have any money.

He lives about 3 miles away.

Me: Watcha doing?
Him: Not much, just sitting around trying to figure out how to get some wheels, except I have no money.

M: Tell ya what, I'll pay you $20 an hour to help me pull a pickup bed and figure out why my tanks leaking.
H: Ok, sounds cool, when do you want to do it?
M: Well, I'm just sitting here right now thinking about starting the job.
H: Well, maybe the first part of next week, I gotta find some wheels this weekend.

M:I could come pick you up, I have cash.
H: Not today, I gotta find some wheels, and I don't have any cash.


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