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"Snowzilla": A Comprehensive Tucker 1643 Project...

Blackfoot Tucker

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The Thanksgiving holiday shortened our workweek to a measly two days. Meanwhile, SV 2022 is now seven days closer. That relationship is not good when you have a whole lot of work to get done.

I mentioned in my last post that we had installed 17 of the 28 carpet pieces that go on the roof, side walls, kick panels and end walls. We installed ten of the remaining eleven and then set about working on the rear seat area and the foot well. We first installed sound deadening mat on the sides of the footwell, and then on the seam where the footwell sides meet the rear seat area horizontal floor we installed adhesive backed aluminum tape. Next, we covered the foot well’s floor with sound deadening material. To try and minimize waste, lots of smaller pieces of the sound deadening mat were utilized.

Full coverage of sound deadening material in the rear of the cab.


A close-up of the taped seam I described.


We discussed different options for rear upholstery coverage. Certainly we wanted the black rubber for the foot well’s floor and we considered both rubber and carpet options for the foot well sides. Choosing rubber would almost guarantee an ugly seem at the same top location we used the aluminum tape on, but we were facing the same issue if we did the top and sides in separate pieces of carpet. Overlapping the carpet would solve that, but due to the shape and geometric relationship it would be impossible to do one side with only one piece of carpet. However we thought most of the seam would be covered by the seat bottom cushion, and that was our best option.

This is the right side front piece all glued in position. The carpet followed the sharp corner surprisingly well, and... no seam on the top corner!


The rear pieces will be the challenging ones...